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Hey, all.

I haven't been doing any parodies for a while, as you might have noticed. This is because I have not been doing very well, er, emotionally. I don't really want to get into it, but the upshot is that nothing is really funny.

I've decided to work myself back into the funny (before HP) by working on a long term Breadbox Edition. I've been planning on doing The Odyssey for quite some time, and I've been meaning to do another book since "Beowulf." I'm re-reading the book, so, I've already started to write the BBE.

What I've discovered is that this is going to be a very, very long script. As in, it will probably be over 50 pages when done. I can't put all of that up at once, so I'm going to put it up in stages. What I need to know is how many stages it should go up in and how long each post should be. There are a couple ways of doing this:

1) A separate post for each Book of The Odyssey. That's 24 posts in all. Each post will be pretty short, about 2-3 pages in Word depending on the Book.

2) Putting several Books into each post. Probably either 3 or 6, since that divides easily. These would be longer posts, but they would come less frequently than Option 1.

Below is a link to a survey that asks which option is best. I'd really like your feedback on which option you'd prefer.


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I closed the survey today, and here are the results!

1. Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope will be the next Breadbox Edition. It won with 26% of the vote, just beating out both The Village and X-Men 2, which both had 19%.

2. It was determined that the survey had the ugliest background ever, but only by a 54% majority.

3. Harry Potter was obviously the most reported fandom. But it's a list I'll keep in mind.

4. According to the respondents, the best movie of the year will be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It got 20% of the vote, which is smaller than I expected. It and Hitchhikers' (18%) were neck and neck the entire time.

5. 71% said that "Sith" will suck. But...

6. 78% said they would see it anyway.

7. Obviously, we need to stay the hell away from anime fanboys/girls, because they won the scary contest with 38% of the vote.

8. Thank you for the book recommendations. Hopefully, I will have time to read them. And, oh, I've already read Good Omens.

9. The number one request for my journal was movie reviews (65%) with vignette fanfiction (61%) right behind it. Book reviews (55%) were also asked for by a majority. I'll try to do more of these three for starters, and go from there.

10. And now...Read more... )
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I developed a ten question survey based on some of the suggestions I got in the last entry, and partially based on my own warped sense of humor!

Yes, it includes a Breadbox Edition question.

Click here, loser!.

I'll let you know the results in about a week.


Mar. 25th, 2005 02:04 pm
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I am coming up on the end of my semester (okay, it's more than a month away, but still), and that means my thesis is getting done. As part of it, I'm conducting a survey on information gathering aimed at American 18-29 year-olds.

If you are in that age range, and have a moment, I would really appreciate it if you took my survey. It doesn't take that long, and it would be a big help.

This is the link: http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=WEB2248CRCP3N5

As for the standard disclaimer, all results are anonymous and will be kept confidential. It does relate to politics, but even those who are not political (ESPECIALLY THOSE) are important to the success of the survey.

If you know anyone who would be interested in taking this survey, would you please point them in my direction?

Thanks ahead of time! It really is a big help (keeps me from surveying ONLY those at my university).


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