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I am rapidly becoming the most boring person on Earth.

Regular readers will know that I am one of the least frequent updaters ever. This is because, in my natural state, I'm pretty damn boring. However, due to recent events, I am going to become even more boring. Because (short version) I am poor, I recently took on a full time temp job on top of my part-to-full time department store job. This means that this journal is basically going to be dead until I get a real, steady, full time job.

I'm not going to give up knocking off stupid humor pieces until then, but I have to admit that all I want to write is Lord Voldemort Just Wants to Go to Bed Already. So, please, just bear with me.

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I should explain my lj friending policy. I should have a long time ago, but this has only come up once before, and was in email.

When people friend me, I usually don't friend them back unless I've met them. This is because you don't know me from Adam, and I don't know how you feel about a complete stranger reading your journal. My livejournal is entirely public. I don't friends-lock anything because, as the title of my journal states, this is not my life. Nothing I say here has any bearing on reality. But not everyone runs their journal that way.

If you don't mind someone you've never met reading your journal, and would like me to friend you back, just let me know here. From now on, I'll just ask people who tell me they're friending me what they'd like from me.

Just to warn you, I will read and occasionally comment when I have something relevant (or errantly stupid) to say. If this doesn't bother you, just say "Boo!" or whatever here.


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